Van Components

This is a table of all the components I used in my van. I’ll update it as I write about and install items. To see more details about the components, click on the post that they were mentioned in.

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Fan-Tastic Vent fanVan Conversion Prep WorkI'm very happy with this fan. Not every model can reverse directions like this one. It is well built and easy to maintain. It has kept a cool breeze going through the van almost non-stop.
BBQ Air DamperInsulatin a Sprinter VanThese dampers were made for grilling, but I found a better use for them. They come in much larger sizes too.
ReflectixInsulatin a Sprinter VanMy top choice for a radiant heat barrier.
UltraTouch Multi-Purpose RollInsulatin a Sprinter VanMy top choice for a convection heat barrier in a van.
100 watt flexible solar panelsMounting Flexible Solar Panels on a VanThey ship from China so I had to fill out a solar form for customs. I got a discount just by asking. It seems like you have to ask for a catalog now. I ended up replacing these panels.
100% Latex Mattress TopperVan Bedding and SeatingOnly 2.5 inches of foam, but I'm very happy with it. Some people may need two layers. There are holes in the topper that prevent any heat build up from my body. Latex foam is a smart option for vandwellers because it is safe and non temperature sensitive.
Outback Flexmax 80 FM80 MPPT 80 AMP Solar Charge Controller
Van Conversion Wiring: 1,000 Watt Solar SystemOutback is a trusted name in charge controllers. Some other companies have tried to make cheap knock offs of this charge controller. Setting it up was breeze and it took less than 5 minutes. The components are top notch. Even in 95 degree weather, It did not overheat.
Xantrex PROWatt 2000 Inverter, Model# 806-1220
Van Conversion Wiring: 1,000 Watt Solar SystemThis a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter with a 3000 watt surge. It is able to run my air conditioner, charge my electronics, and run my induction cook top no problem. I was even running some power tools with it during the build.
Blue Sea Systems 5031 ST Blade Fuse Block without Cover
Van Conversion Wiring: 1,000 Watt Solar SystemThis a basic fuse box that uses ATC fuses. I wish I bought the one with a plastic cover.
Drok 500A AmmeterVan Conversion Wiring: 1,000 Watt Solar SystemThe great thing about this meter is that it can display negative values. The meter is always lit blue so it makes a little light at night. It doesn't come with any type of housing, but an Altoid box works great.
Apex 260 Ah Sealed AGM BatteriesVan Conversion Wiring: 1,000 Watt Solar SystemThese are the best value AGM batteries that I've found. The company gave me a discount on shipping too. Keep an eye out for coupon codes on their website.
Cole Hersee Battery IsolatorVan Conversion Wiring: 1,000 Watt Solar SystemThis battery isolator can handle 200 amps which makes it a good choice for Sprinters with the larger alternator option. There are no moving parts so it'll last a very long time. I prefer this isolator over a relay type.
Dream Lighting LED (6 Pack)Van Conversion Wiring: 1,000 Watt Solar SystemThese lights were much brighter than expected. A 6-pack was plenty to completely light up the whole van. They give the option to be screwed in, but I made the holes the perfect size so I was able to clip them in. The leads were soldered in so I just butt spliced them. They do give off a little heat and should have some air space above them.
Marine Grade Cigarette Lighter SocketsVan Conversion Wiring: 1,000 Watt Solar SystemThese have covers to keep dirt, dust, and moisture out. They'll stay clean and last a long time. They come with a little face plate, but I installed them without it.
80 Qt EdgeStar Refrigerator8 Feet of Counter Space in a Van ConversionThis is the perfect fridge/seat for a van. It has a super efficient compressor and only uses 80 watts.
Mustee 11 Utility Sink8 Feet of Counter Space in a Van ConversionMuch deeper than your typical RV sink. Much more affordable than your typical kitchen sink.
White Gravity Water Fill Hatch8 Feet of Counter Space in a Van ConversionThis hatch gives me the ability to use either a water hose or a jerry can to fill my fresh water tank. It has a vent to prevent a vacuum from forming in the tank. The vent also has a bug screen.
Stainless Steel Pull Down Kitchen Faucet8 Feet of Counter Space in a Van ConversionA high faucet like this gives me plenty of room to do whatever I need to do in the sink. Washing dishes is a breeze. I can even wash my hair with it. The single lever is a must for conserving water.
Mr. Induction SR 1882 Induction Cooktop8 Feet of Counter Space in a Van ConversionI'm very happy with this cooktop. I like being able to select the heat output in units of watts. It helps me keep an eye on how much power I'm using. I'm really impressed with the efficiency. I enjoy induction cooking so far. I can have my coffee ready in 2 minutes flat on the medium setting!
American Technology Folding Cup Holder8 Feet of Counter Space in a Van ConversionMy only gripe about the Sprinter Van is the tiny cup holders. I can only fit a 24 oz bottle in them. So I bought this folding cup holder for the living area. It gives me a place to put my 32 oz bottle while I'm driving. If it's full of water, I put a rubber band around it for more security. Everything has a place.
42 Gallon Fresh Water TankVan Conversion PlumbingHuge tank with 4 ports. Polypropylene and non-toxic. Best value I could find for the size.
Shurflo Pipe StrainerVan Conversion PlumbingProtects the pump from larger debris. It'll extend the life of the pump and filters.
Shurflo 4008-101 Revolution Water PumpVan Conversion PlumbingI'm happy about my decision on this pump. Great water pressure, not too loud, and can pump dry without damage.
Carbon Block Sediment FilterVan Conversion PlumbingI bought the F5 kit with mounting brackets. Removes anything bigger than 5 microns, and some organics.
Doulton QT100 Ceramic FilterVan Conversion PlumbingI can't say enough good things about this company. Great customer service and they're at the top of consumer filtration industry. This will filter out anything larger than 0.2 microns and many organic compounds.
3.5 inch drain assemblyVan Conversion PlumbingBasic, cheap, but reliable drain. Fit well with the sink, but you'll need to buy some plumber putty.
HEPVO Waterless RV TrapVan Conversion PlumbingThis replaces the traditional P-trap in homes. It saved me a ton of space and was easy to install. It also removes the need for an air admittance valve.
10 Gallon Fresh Water Tank (Grey)Van Conversion PlumbingI used this as my grey water tank. It was the perfect size and shape for where I wanted to mount it. It has 4 ports.
12 Volt Solenoid ValveVan Conversion PlumbingI use this to easily drain the grey tank with a button on the dash. It's very handy. If you want a faster drain, I'd suggest a bigger diameter valve. Amazon has plenty of other options.
Various Plumbing FittingsVan Conversion PlumbingI bought all my fittings and hoses from here. High quality plastic with zero leaks. Don't use Lowe's for this stuff. I listed each fitting in the post.
3 LG LG315N1C-G4 315 watt solar panelsI Replaced the Solar PanelsGot rid of the Flexible panels and replaced with these.
Black Sprinter 2002-06 HighTop H1 2 bar ladder roof rackI Replaced the Solar PanelsThe new solar panels fit like a glove in this ladder rack. I'm very impressed with the sturdiness and grip of this rack.
Brass Solenoid Valve 12VVan Conversion PlumbingI used this to replace the nylon one above. I believe it will be more durable in the outdoor elements than the nylon version. So far it works pretty well. I'm getting a much better flow rate.
Haier 8,000 BTU Portable Air ConditionerSolar Powered Air Conditioner in a Sprinter VanI have the HPRB08XCM model. It has a dehumidify mode, fan mode, and cooling mode with a timer. It does a great job of keeping the van cool and uses only about 850 watts with an inverter.
Webasto Air Top 2000 STInstalling a Webasto Heater in a VanI found mine on ebay as a kit. I love this heater. It keeps my van nice and toasty in even in the coldest weather.