I Will Convert Your Van

I’m partnering with an excellent carpenter, mechanic, and engineer. We’ve been discussing the idea of offering van conversion services. We have a garage in Pennsylvania where we will do all the work. The vehicles must be delivered to us for anything aside from electric work. If you only need electrical work and you live within 7 hours of East Greenville, PA, then we’ll be willing to travel to you. I’ve received many requests to help people complete their van conversion so now’s your chance!

Here are some of my ideas of services we would offer:

  • Custom conversion from start to finish on your van
  • Completing portions of your van conversion
  • Consulting Services:
    • Van conversion layout designs in Sketchup or CAD to get you started
    • Custom Solar system circuit diagram designs that you can give to your own electrician
    • Answering complex questions regarding your existing designs
    • Intensive research on building materials or components

We have also discussed working on other types of off-grid homes as well. I would very much like to build my own creations of tiny homes, vans, strange vehicle conversions, and trailers. We’re open to anything.

I’m writing this post as a way to assess the current demand for our services. So please open up the discussion in the comment section. I want to hear your thoughts especially if you’ve never commented before. Tell me about the value of such services and experiences you’ve had with other companies that do this. If you have a serious inquiry and want to discuss it, send me an email here¬†or directly to hurriedyear@gmail.com.

  • Scott Davis

    i’m in harrisburg, pa…have only begun to look into the van life thing…started taking notes for ideas…would be looking to start this next spring…but would first need to find a van…which to me seems to be the biggest issue…
    are you going to be in the greenville area for the foreseeable future?…